This is the catalog of published works by Jade Royal. Click on each cover to see more information.


The Limits of Love Series

The test given by the heart is always a challenge. If you include the dynamics of BDSM it can only become more complex. What are the limits and can they be pushed to withstand the power of love?

received_440052993022302.jpeg     received_1408801132515235.jpeg      barretr_Book.png

Prequel                               Book 1                                  Book 2

Unspoken Heartaches      Imperfect Love                  Tethered Trust

The Imprinted Mates Series

The mating call isn’t something that you get to ignore because the time isn’t right. When it rings, you have no choice but to answer. Once you’ve seen your mate, there is no going back and there is only one thing left to do. Claim them.

barretr_Book.png     barretr_Book.png

Book 1                                     Book 2

The Price They Paid              They Price They Paid Part 2

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